It’s no longer a myth that digital marketing is the future! India has emerged as one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. This blog post talks about what you need to know about digital marketing opportunities in India and how it can help you make your career dreams come true.

What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2021?

Indian have seen major growth in the last few years in the digital space which helped in the increased sale of products.

India is undergoing major transformation online with a whopping 54% internet penetration and growing at 20%, according to Internet Live Stats.

Digital Marketing career option has become one of the most popular fields, as it offers excellent salary package and growth prospectives for interested candidates.

The scope of digital marketing in India is huge. Digital Marketing job opportunities are expected to grow rapidly too, as it’s one sector that will largely be untouched by automation in near future.

This has also lead Indian digital marketers to eagerly explore new frontiers like digital content creation and social media management etc., which have emerged as major career options over the last few years.

Digital Marketing Career Opportunites & Scope in India

digital marketing scope & career opportunites

Digital marketing opportunities are expanding and evolving with new digital innovations making it more attractive to professionals and entrepreneurs alike, the future looks very bright indeed!

The internet penetration rate in India is expected to grow from 36% (as of Jan 2017) to 220 million by 2021 according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index.

India also leads among all countries when it comes to social media user base with Facebook being the most popular platform accounting for approximately 11% of global users. With such an enormous growth potential within just two years, SMM specialists are finding their place on the top list while working at multinational companies like Uber or Amazon, etc.

Moreover, people are becoming more aware about digital marketing and its importance.

India with over 50% population under the age of 25 has a huge potential in terms of future prospects for this industry as it moves further into the digital era, so if you are looking to make your career in Digital Marketing then India is undoubtedly one place where opportunities lie!

Digital Marketing Career- Different Career Paths India

The other common digital marketing career verticals are:

  • Social Media Marketing Specialist (SMM)
  • SEM Media Buying (Facebook & Google Ads)
  • SEO specialist
  • Web Designers and Developers.
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Writer

The future of digital marketing is a promising field with lots of opportunities, the only thing you need to do is find your niche! So start exploring your options now by checking out Tecida Training Courses in India where you can learn everything about this industry from scratch!

Web Developer & Web Designer

A web developer does the technical stuff for a website. Web designers are typically more creative and focus on design like creating landing pages & focusing on more conversions with an attractive design of web pages in WordPress, which is especially important in marketing campaigns like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.

The average salary of a web designer in India ranges from 4 lakh to 6 Lakh per annum as fresher which is not bad at all considering the cost of living in this country! They can make more money while working as a freelancer and working with clients outside India.

  • This means that you will be able to live a pretty comfortable life with these salaries and their earnings are tax-free if you’re earning below ₹20 lakhs annually (You need to file form 16).
  • Web designers can expect more money while as they advance through their careers because there is always room for growth & bonuses.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

  • Social Media Marketing Specialists are responsible for promoting brands, products, and services through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • A typical day of an SMM Specialist usually consists of creating content to post on various social media platforms, evaluating the success of posts with analytics tools as well as measuring their performance over time & optimizing them based on feedback from followers.
  • Social Media Marketing Specialists make an average of 4lakh to 6lakh Per Annum.

SEM Media Buying (Facebook & Google Ads)

  • SEM Media Buying is the process of buying ads on Google or Facebook to promote a business, product, service, or event.
  • A typical day for an SEM Specialist usually consists of creating and evaluating advertisements as well as adjusting bids in real-time based on performance metrics.
  • An average salary for this position ranges from 4lakh to 9lakh Per Annum

SEO Specialist

  • An SEO Specialist’s day is usually spent optimizing websites and digital assets for better ranking in search engines.
  • They also conduct keyword research, implement website updates to meet Google standards, monitor the effects of their work on-site rankings & report findings back to clients.
  • The average salary range for this position ranges from 3lakh to 7lakh Per Annum

Digital Marketing Manager

  • A Digital Marketing Manager’s job is to oversee the execution of digital marketing campaigns, both online and off.
  • They create strategies for users’ interactions with a brand across devices & channels, in order to drive customer engagement.
  • The average salary range for this position ranges from 12lakh Per Annum onwards depending on experience.

Content Writer

  • Content Writers are responsible for creating content that’s compelling and relevant to a brand’s target audience.
  • They write blog posts, articles & provide research material according to the company guidelines.
  • The average salary range for this position ranges from 3lakh to 5lakh Per Annum onwards depending on experience.
  • A person can earn from freelancer too by charging per word its very lucrative profile in digital marketing space.

Learn Digital Marketing In India & Promote Business Online

Digital marketing is open for all any person who is in 10th or above can easily learn these skills as it doesn’t require any entrance test or a special degree to pursue a digital marketing career in India.

6 Things To Do Before Choosing A Digital Marketing Training Institute In India.

6 Things To Do Before Choosing A Digital Marketing Training Institute In India.

  • Choosing the digital marketing institute which has a track record of students success and reviews from the past students.
  • Look for digital marketing institutes that offer job placement assistance and student internship programs after completion of the course
  • Seek out digital marketing training which can be customized to suit your batch timing & career goals.
  • Consider an institute’s qualifications or certifications of their trainers before signing up with them.
  • Research about any course fees by looking at the cost as well as if there is any hidden fee such as registration process charges etc so you don’t get surprised in the future once you start attending lectures or paying fees upfront without knowing all information first.
  • Check for the latest course curriculum and compare it with the digital marketing institutes in your area. Don’t go with outdated techniques which don’t work anymore in 2021.


We hope this blog has given you some insights into the scope of digital marketing in India and how it can benefit your business. If you are looking for a job or want to grow your career as an internet marketer, we at Tecida Training have a lot of opportunities available at our training institute. You can schedule a free consultation call to get all your questions answered.