SEO for WordPress is a must thing in the present online marketing environment. Nearly 70% of the website that is currently running on the internet are made using WordPress. WordPress can be said as an easiest and widely used platform for making your dream website.

Now the need arises how to implement better SEO practices in WordPress to rank the website higher in search results. Here in this article, we will explain in detail manner that how to use SEO for WordPress.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is said as the process of optimizing your website in such a way that becomes top of the search results that are shown by the search engine. Mainly two type of optimization combines made Search Engine Optimization these are On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. Inside WordPress, only on-page optimization can be done. For off-page user is required to move outside the WordPress.

What is SEO

On-page mainly includes optimizing your website internally i.e. website homepage, blog posts, site load time etc. in simple make the website internal structure in such a manner that it shown on top of the search results. Although on-page and off-page are equally important for the website to rank higher.

Off-page optimization is simply getting backlinks or say a referral from other websites to your website. You have to post your website link on other good quality website and as and when someone clicks on your link on that website in turn that link redirects to your website. So with the use of both of the above way of optimization website will rank higher in Google search index.

SEO for WordPress

Now here comes the time to know that how to do search engine optimization for WordPress to rank your site higher in search results. so check the details procedure in this article and the user can also use that too.

WWW Or non-WWW

Using WWW or not? Now the question arise that weather using www in URL make any difference, no it doesn’t make any difference.  For example: – With WWW (, Without WWW (

Using any of the websites will not affect your search results but once you have chosen any of them then stick to it. As in the search engine considers this website as two different websites. Changing this URL will affect your ranking.

wordpress logo

 Permalink Structure

URL Structure is required to be SEO friendly that means it should clearly describe your topic regarding which post has been published.   If URL structure is such that it doesn’t describe the page opened than there are chances of getting the lower position in search results.

SEO friendly URL, For example,, Non-SEO friendly URL:, due to these non SEO friendly URL the visitor does not get clear that for what post is all about.

There is an option in WordPress to change the site permalink structure for that please open permalink tab in setting tab in WordPress and change permalink structure according to “Post Name”.

Create a Sitemap

The sitemap is hierarchal of all pages of a website. It can be said as the brief overview of a complete website and as a consequence of which it provides a quick way to see your site and what it includes.

The user can create the sitemap using Google webmaster. Because of the sitemap, it becomes easier for the crawler to read the entire website easily.

Use of Heading Tags

If all the content that is written on your website is not classified under separate heading tags than it will be just like mixing up all the material on our website. Sitemap alone cannot provide search engine results i.e.

If we have created a perfect sitemap but not classified our content under heading tags then this will cost us our higher ranking on the search index.

heading tag

 Distribution of keywords

While creating a post it should keep in mind that there should be an equal distribution on of the main keyword throughout the entire page and posts. Along with main keywords LSI (Latent Semantic Index)

This distribution is necessary because when crawler crawl our website & then if the crawler found that the keywords are evenly distributed than this distribution helps in the ranking of the website.

 Optimizing Posts for SEO

Post which you have created to publish on your website should be optimized for the website. i.e. you are required to give the post a “SEO title”, a fine meta description of a post should be given to describe the post in very short that post is what is the post all about.

Slug is also required to be given to the post. In WordPress, it’s the editable part of your URL that you can edit when writing a new post.

Use of No Follow Tag

When we give a link of another website in our website then no follow tag is required as link helps the search engine decide which page is important and in that case, if we give a link of another website on our page then this will lead to the transfer of our SEO score to another website. so we insert no follow tag so that our SEO benefits not transferred to other.

Use of SEO Plugin in WordPress

There are some SEO plugin which can be used to provide a readymade solution and there is a most popular tool that can be used as an SEO plugin. Yoast SEO plugin, it is available for a free and overall rating of this product is also good. So you can go with this tool.

SEO plugin

Optimize Image

An image is said to be the most attracting thing on this planet as we all know that image attracts more audience as compared with other forms of posting content. The image gives an awesome and to the point representation of our thoughts.

An image should be of such size that it doesn’t lead to an increase of load time of the page. The image that was uploaded should include alternate text and image should clearly represent the content of the page.

Update Your Post Frequently

You are required to post on your page on the constant basis and at a frequent interval so that audience feels that you are constantly up to date regarding your website.