How does digital marketing help to grow your business? That’s the question arise in the mind of every entrepreneur who wants to grow their business online and wants to increase their online presences. So a simple solution to this problem is digital marketing. Digital Marketing has a varied degree of difference than traditional marketing.

Role of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is diversified in various fields such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, and Social media marketing. Use of these fields of digital marketing is necessary to grow business online. Here in this post, we will give a brief overview of each field.

how digital marketing helps business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):- SEO means optimizing your website in such a manner that it appears on top of organic search results. In simple words, an entrepreneur is required to do on page and off page optimization. On page basically includes designing your website content in such a manner that it leads to ranking your site. Off-page basically means getting the backlinks or say referrals from another popular site to your site.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing):- SEM is a paid tool by Google which rank your website in ad form. For this Google created a separate platform called Google Adwords. In SEM the user is required to bid on the keyword, and who pay the highest bid amount, that entrepreneur ad will show on top of the search results on searching for a particular keyword.

Email Marketing:- Email marketing is one of the widely used tools for building leads and after that nurturing those leads. For email marketing, there are a number of tools available in the market such as MailChimp, etc. in this format a series of emails are designed to nurture the good quality leads.


Inbound Marketing:- Inbound marketing is said to be a marketing that creates a Pull Factor for customers to come on our website and try our products. In inbound marketing, we don’t find customers, but the customer finds us due to pull factor which we have created through our content.

Social Media Marketing:- Social media marketing is simply the use of a social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. There are many ways to grow on social media such as we have to make posts to social media regularly, or we can run a paid ad campaign to increase social media visibility of your brand.

 Offline Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Offline marketing is another way out compare to digital marketing. In offline marketing, a lot of efforts and investment is required to generate the leads but then also there is no surety of return But that’s not the case with digital marketing there are better chances of return.

online marketing

Unlike offline Marketing digital marketing can be done from any ware, 24×7, and require less amount of investment than later one. It does not require a formal certification to do Digital marketing, unlike offline marketing. Digital marketing far way better than offline marketing and it’s not a tedious task to grow your business through digital marketing.

So overall digital marketing is a better option compared to offline marketing. Entrepreneurs are recommended to grow their business through digital marketing.