Keywords play the main role in an article. SEO and great content become a part of it which eventually leads to good traffic. There are so many handful different ways to drive traffic to your website then why go with only one? How frequently we use images in our content, though they aren’t mentioned even once while we question ‘How to drive good traffic?’

So, in our today’s article, we are going to highlight some underrated strategies for increasing traffic. Well, one of the best ways is to drive traffic using Google image. One can easily drive traffic using Google image search. Now you have a new strategy and don’t have to go with the old strategies over and over again.

drive traffic with google images

Before beginning about the topic, let me make it familiar to you with the traffic one get using Google image. Well, visual content is what makes your article strong. In the absence of any photo in the article, one may find it dull and boring to read. Though Nate Smith refused to disclose the statistic publicly, we have found few things from Quora:

  • Around 10% of main traffic is generated from This shows how big amount of traffic is drive using Google image.
  • Google image gets a total of more than 1 billion of views a day.

So, with the detail above it is sure that we are dealing with a huge number of traffics. Even the ordinary ol’ search brings up image results.

Like we get our website ranked high with keywords, we need to learn how to drive traffic using Google image. All you need to learn is how to optimize your images for Google.

How to Optimize Images for Google

Well, you must be familiar with SEO basics. If you are not, you aren’t ready to read this article. Images do rank the same as sites do. So you need to learn how to be at the position 1 on page 1 of the SERPs. With something new, difficulty always increases. Basically, image search is densely populated as you get to see a total of 5-6 photos in a row. However, it totally depends on the quality of the picture that you provide. One can take the trick to drive traffic using Google image but it is only the quality of the picture that will get him good traffic in future.

Well, don’t lose hope, you need to optimize your photo otherwise it will get lost in the SERPs. Like keyword SEO for text website, you have to use Image SEO for photo website.

  1. The first and foremost step to drive traffic using Google Image is to edit your file names. Edit it and it the name of the keyword. Usually, this part is neglected and the image is left with names like DJS_002.jpg.
  2. Secondly, you need to modify your image alt’s tags. Well, this will help the search engines know what your image is actually about. Alt tags should always be keyword oriented. This can help you drive traffic using Google image. Don’t act smart and don’t try to stuff as many keywords as you want. This can get your website reported.
  3. Use tools like or to minimize the size of your photo. You may think I am talking non-sensible but keep this in mind, compressing your image can help it to load faster which can help you drive traffic using Google image easily.

So, as you know how to optimize your image, we can move forward.

Creating Unique Images

Well, to be true sometimes this Stock photography sucks. It is okay sometimes but to drive traffic using Google image, you need to get an original image which can truly reflect the image and originality about your article. Unique and original pictures can easily beat out stock images at any point in the moment. Well, you need to believe me otherwise you are taking your website to the wrong way.

Picking up Related Keywords

The coolest hack that I have ever met across is this. Picking up related keywords can drive traffic easily without much error. You just need can’t stop at your focus keyword. Usage of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is also important. It sounds complicated, right? Well, it isn’t so; the chart below will explain it easily.

Even two SEO keywords sounding similar comes up with the different search result. If you don’t believe me, you can try it out yourself. You can drive traffic using Google image with the help of LSI keywords. This can strongly help your website rank high. You can even go with long-tail keywords in alt tags, try to use it only on your most popular pages.

Usage of Relevant Images

Stop piling up your page with irrelevant pictures. That completely doesn’t make any sense. Try to keep it short and crispy, that can definitely help to drive traffic using Google image. You may go with certain pictures with are rarely found on the internet. Trying pictures of actor and actress can also help you drive good traffic. You can use Infographic to strengthen your SEO keywords.


Well, you are working hard on the quality of your pictures. But somehow you failed to get the number of visitors you expected. It is quite disheartening. It might be the visitors forgot about your website. Ahh! That’s completely your mistake. Never forget to watermark your image.

watermark images

Watermarking is usually used by professional for copyright issues. Watermarking your image is something more than optimizing your image. While you drive traffic from Google image, you also need to make sure that someone else is not getting profit from your work.

Well, these were some of the hacks that you need to apply in order to apply image SEO properly. This can definitely help you drive traffic using Google image. Go for it!

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