Mobile SEO or Mobile Search Engine Optimization can basically be expressed as the process of designing a website with low bandwidth such that it becomes convenient for the user to surf without any buffering problem. It is found difficult to open a desktop version of a site using a mobile device. Well, opening a desktop version of a site using a mobile will force one to zoom in and out regularly to view the content properly. To avoid such frustrating experience, a website developer takes the help of mobile SEO.

Mobile SEO Optimization

With the development of technology, Google has made it mandatory for a website to have Mobile Search Engine Optimization.Well, in today’s article we will focus on how to make a website mobile-friendly and rank high with knowledge about what Google actually wants. This will surely help to enhance the experience of an individual.

Mobile SEO

Having a mobile-friendly website helps you in many ways:

  • In today’s world, people use their mobile phone more than a computer to search on Google. So, keeping the knowledge of mobile SEO will help you enhance your website and make it rank high.
  • According to a report, it is found that people usually leave a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly. So, you are well aware how important mobile SEO is.
  • As per the report by Google, over a billion users leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. To rank high with a good audience, in today’s world, it has become mandatory for an individual to know about mobile SEO.

As mentioned above, it can be easily observed that how people search more on mobile than on computers, and it is confirmed that mobile generates more page views. So help your website rank high in mobile SEO techniques. In case if you fail to do so, your website would take much time to load which will end up losing the audience. Using AMP plug-in can be the best way to load a site faster on a mobile.

Mobile-first index

Well, we need to be accustomed to the fact that more searches happen on mobile than on desktop. Yet, if we want to rank high, our desktop version of the site can only help us with it. As we know, how greatly experience of an individual affect the traffic that you attract. Once an individual is disheartened with the experience on your website, it might be that he doesn’t turn back to your website again. So, in order to avoid such cases, we need to have a website with factors like speed, user experience and so on. This can be the key factors for you to attract an audience. However, we know the desktop version of a site is necessary to rank high, searches on mobile definitely increase your audience.

Mobile Seo is something that will enhance one’s experience with a website. If your website is rich in mobile SEO than you are the one who is going to attract the most number of audience on daily basis.

Well, if you know how Google deals with mobile search, you can make your website mobile SEO rich.

The Graph below shows how search from a mobile device has increased in the upcoming years.


Mobile SEO Graph 1

Ways Google Deals with Mobile Search

To ensure the best experience for its user, Google uses the following index to deal with mobile search:

  • Googlebot
  • Googlebot News
  • Googlebot Images
  • Googlebot Video

Google uses a series of Googlebot for mobile search. This Googlebot makes sure that the user has the same type of experience that he has while browsing the desktop.

Nevertheless, Google doesn’t consider tablets to be the same thing as a mobile. So, if one is browsing using a tablet, all that he will get is a desktop version of sites.

The Googlebot crawler provides a totally different result for the one who browses using a handset device. SERP include totally a different set of results for a mobile user. This is how having a mobile SEO rich website helps you rank high. If you are good enough with it, it may be your rank at 1 or 2. Well, getting such ranks is something being at the top of the world.

Note that Google will make your website rank on the basis of the page and not across an entire website. So, it is the time for you to make your all pages mobile-friendly and mobile SEO rich such that it never fails to rank high. With the use of mobile SEO, the salary of an individual has hiked up by 28%.


Mobilegeddon was a new ranking update made by Google in 2015 for mobile searches.  With the new update, many of the websites started losing up to 35% of mobile rankings with the first two months. With the incentive of Mobilegeddon, Google even ensured that it increases the annual number of searches.

Tips To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

So these are the three tips that will surely help you ensure a mobile-friendly page for your website.

  • Affective Designing- All the factors like the page’s URL, HTML, images and every other thing will help you attract more and audience every day.
  • Dynamic Serving- Adapting AMP plug-in will give you a different version of HTML based on what type of device (Mobile, Desktop) is requesting the page.
  • A totally separate mobile site- This completely suggests to create a different mobile-friendly website for mobile users.

Mobile Search- SEO

Well, if you have a responsive site optimized for mobile SEO, you won’t need to work with a mobile crawler. While auditing your site, make sure that you use a mobile user agent to crawl. This will help you identify any crawl issue which usually occur on mobile.

Final Verdict

Mobile Seo basically consists of page speed, page appearance, page size and many others. So, if you cover all these aspect, you will surely have a mobile seo rich website.

Howsoever, with the rapid change in technology, it is sure that in the near future, Mobile SEO will be the new face of Search Engine Optimization. But never forget that the keyword factor will always remain the same

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