Do you want to learn digital marketing? Have you ever seen those people who are making a luxurious living by working from their home wearing shorts? Don’t you want to be just like them? If yes, then you are probably looking for an institution to help you learn digital marketing. Everyone uses the internet, and everyone knows that you can learn digital marketing with the help of online and offline courses offered by different institutes. But we all want to know the difference between online and offline courses, which is more beneficial and why. All your queries will be satisfied shortly. But we have one more question in mind, and that is- what are the benefits of digital marketing.

Well, the questions related to digital marketing are never-ending, and you need to join an institution to get all your questions answered. Today, we’ll discuss the two queries briefly – what to choose-an offline or online course to learn digital marketing, and what are the benefits of digital marketing? Let’s get straight into the topic –

1) What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

There are many benefits of choosing digital marketing as your career. If you ask me digital marketing is the best career option as it helps companies to increase their customer base by using techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and many more. Digital Marketing has proved to be a valuable asset to increase a company’s revenue by as much as 10 per cent in a short time. It provides you with an option of working from home, as a digital marketer you don’t just work, work and work – you get to be creative and learn all the things that modern methods of digital marketing have to offer. If you learn digital marketing, you’ll always be an in-demand professional, and you have a variety of career options as mentioned above. You’ll be getting higher stipend more than your peers; it’s easy to kick start your career as a digital marketer. You get the opportunity to meet new people every day, which makes you agile and versatile, and you get to learn something daily. We can ensure that you will never regret learning digital marketing.

2) Online Vs. Offline Course for Digital Marketing

Online and offline both have some pros and cons. In some cases, people prefer online modes of learning digital marketing and others prefer offline methods to learn digital marketing. I’ll prefer to go with the offline medium for learning digital marketing. Agreed? If not, don’t worry, I have some key points to verify this claim. Just read on.

Online Digital Marketing Course


a) Saves Time 

When you pursue an online course, you save yourself from the hassle of going to and fro to the institute, and it saves your effort too.

b) Good for professionals

Online courses don’t provide you with in-depth knowledge on any topic. So, it is beneficial for professionals who don’t have enough time to invest in knowing the basics as they are already familiar with them.

c) You can have the classes whenever and where ever you feel like

Having your class anywhere and anytime is very beneficial for those who work all day long or have a busy schedule like going to college. Then online course provides you with the opportunity to learn anytime just by switching on your screen from anywhere


a) Difficulty in clearing doubts and sorting queries

Online courses address thousands of students at the same time. Imagine the number of questions every child will be having. It is difficult for the organization to revert to every mail.

b) Internet reliable

If you are not having a strong network connection with the internet service provider, then you might face problem in connecting and running the video lessons of the online course that you have enrolled.

c) The Exposure is Limited

The online course doesn’t offer you the opportunity to interact with your fellow students and your trainer-this limits your exposure to different creative ideas and a better solution to your problems.

d) Expensive

Online courses can cost you more than offline courses.

Offline Digital Marketing Courses


a) Ease in clearing doubts and sorting queries

Offline courses offer you the opportunity to directly contact your trainer and get your questions and doubts cleared.

b) The study is not reliable on the internet

Offline classrooms are not dependent on the internet. 

c) The Level of Exposure is excellent

If you enrol for offline courses than you’ll have the chance to interact with your trainer and your fellow students and it will help you to get creative ideas and better problem-solving.

d) Affordable 

Offline courses are cheaper than online courses.


a) Fixed Location

The fixation of location is a limitation of the offline course. Many students are not able to find a decent institute of digital marketing near their locality, so they have to either shift or have to go to and fro to the institute.

b) Time-consuming

Well, this could have two perspectives, positive and negative. The positive one is that you get to learn more with a longer duration of classes and get enough time to come up with a query and get it solved instantly. More time-consuming classes could be a disadvantage for those who have basic knowledge about the subject and have a busy schedule. 

So, these were some advantages and disadvantages of the online and offline courses. Both have their fair shares of pros and cons, but I will prefer going to offline classes. 

Digital marketing is a profitable career option, and as you have come to know by reading this article that offline instates help you better to learn. Tecida is an offline institute, and we have excellent mentors to assist you in becoming an excellent digital marketer. For more information about the course, contact us at 9890620265.