Digital Marketing can be said as modern way marketing. In today’s era, digital marketing is widely used by the new entrepreneur for establishing their online presence.  Digital Marketing has many advantages but apart from many advantages, it has some cons also. As we all know nothing is 100% accurate, always there are chances of some disadvantages and same is the case with digital marketing.

Overview of Digital Marketing

Various ways through which is implemented are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing. With these ways of digital marketing can be implemented in a better manner. Here below we are providing you some of the pros and cons of Digital Marketing.

pros and cons of digital marketing


  • Digital Marketing has wide geographical coverage compare to the traditional form of marketing, it has no bound regarding geographical coverage. With the help of digital marketing, an entrepreneur can reach in every corner of this Globe.
  • Mass customer coverage is one of the best advantages that can be found useful to users. In digital marketing, there is an opportunity to reach a huge audience base worldwide & to make those audiences your high potential leads.
  • Online marketing requires a low investment and has a wider coverage. In this return of investment is also high as we compare with traditional or say the offline form of marketing. In online marketing budget can be set according to your ability to pay and run an comparing
  • To do digital marketing a separate office is not required the user can start their business only by seating at home.
  • Digital Marketing creates a pull factor that is your audience search for you, you are not required to reach to your audiences. It’s the magic of digital marketing.
  • Digital Marketing is very flexible in terms of working. i.e. – there is not any fixed time of working in digital marketing, you can work 24×7. No bound is there.
  • Internet marketing results can be measured. In simple words, there are tools available online which can be used to measure your internet marketing results. Such as web analytics, kissmetrics etc.
  • Digital Marketing is highly personalized i.e. online marketing is used in such a manner that it targets each and every customer according to their personal preference.

digital marketing have wide reach


  • In present times also peoples are not able to embrace internet marketing easily. They think this form of marketing as a tedious task.
  • A good knowledge of digital marketing is required to implement it successfully. As a sound knowledge is necessary for every field to be successful in that field.
  • The person who implements digital marketing is required to do a constant up gradation in his technology to use marketing in a better manner.
  • Digital marketing requires a constant online presence of the user if the user fails to make his online presence than digital marketing will not give results as expected.

offline & online marketing

Digital (Internet) Marketing VS Offline Marketing

Digital Marketing Offline Marketing
Better Return on investment Low Return Investment
Wider Reach around the globe Low reach (Limited to a single country)
Available 24×7 Time Restriction is always there
Personalised communication Same communication to all audience
Low Investment is required to start and that also leads to better results. Huge amount Investment is required

So overall digital marketing is a better option for your business and can be used in an effective way to build your reach worldwide and to generate high-quality leads. Digital Marketing also helps to nurture your audience. Digital can be a better option if we compare it with the traditional form of marketing can be used to create your business more profitable.